25 March 2017


For future reference, this link is for the new Beachcombing for the Landlocked blog. For whenever I get back to writing. Not much there at the moment. (http://bftlmarkh.blogspot.co.uk) or fitful appearances on twitter @quotidianaut

It's been a difficult year, so far, at home, following J's cancer diagnosis; the treatment itself is brutal, we've realised, and it is dominating everything. If it was my own illness, I'd write about it - and there's a threat for the future! - but I can't narrate a loved one's crisis on twitter and blog.

Which is why I've disappeared from view. But, you know, the world'll keep spinning without my nonsense ...


23 February 2017

last post?

Just to let you know that this blog is probably not going to go on any longer. For 8 full years I wrote small things on twitter and then saved whichever ones I felt (sort of) worked, here. I loved that; it became an intrinsic part of my own identity over that time. But then we went into 2016, which turned out to be a particularly trying and unsatisfying year - for many of us, I suspect! I fell spectacularly out of love with twitter, for one thing, having to take extended breaks from it; and was feeling increasingly awkward about my (purposefully!) trivial stuff when the world is erupting with such political, religious and social ideological insanity. My writing was dull and repetitive; it was clear that I was just going through the motions.

With the new year, I decided to kill off my @forgottenworks identity. I apologise to all my friends and readers there for doing so and disappearing without explanation or saying goodbye. I very much appreciate your haiku companionship over the years, it meant (and means) a great deal to me. It wasn't you I needed to get away from, but ... other stuff :-)


I'm not writing (#notwriting) and, having committed twitter-suicide, I have no social media reach whatsoever. I expect I'll find my writing-self again one day but for now, and however long it takes, I need a break from all of that.

[I do have another twitter account but it's mainly for reading, keeping up to speed with world craziness to whatever extent I can bear; perhaps some sporadic, half-hearted attempts at ku to perplex people with no interest in it - but nothing really there to draw you to it. Although things may change in the future if I rediscover some verve and a direction in which to aim it. That's @quotidianaut if you want to pop by and say hi.]

If you need to contact me by email, don't use the one in my profile here (I've tried to amend it but for some reason Settings won't let me). Use THIS one:


Thank you. And sorry for being a bit of a misery ;-)


15 December 2016


apartment block

the sunset in

a compound eye



my furrowed brow

& a cloud of gulls

following the tractor






even this far

the shadow of

the cathedral



in pavement frost an elastic band that has fallen into infinity


following a line

of molehills

tO the mOrning mOOn



stillness . . .

nudging the wind chimes

with my shoulder






cloud mountains

snuck up while

i wasn't looking


severn bore

starting to (severn)

bore myself again

it's a tidal thing



the beauty

the joy & the mess

it's like

i'm deciduous



several bags

of lost

head nails


15 October 2016

tiny haibun 1


Along the shoreline, anglers. Line taut, anchored before the breakers.

Stopping the tide from going out too far. Hauling it back in.

year's end

sun glint in the spin

of the reel